10 Hiking Trails near Eureka Springs, and 10-ish Minutes from Sugar Ridge

When guests arrive at Sugar Ridge Resort, they often ask, “Are there hiking trails, nearby?” We are so glad you ask! The following is a list of hiking trails near Eureka Springs, located just minutes from Sugar Ridge. Why, “Hiking Trails?” This region is booming with biking opportunities, such as the Downhill Trails at Lake Leatherwood, and many new trails are being developed each year. Here, we want to celebrate the timeless delights of the walking pace. Why “10-ish Minutes from Sugar Ridge?” These Ozarks hills are full of opportunities for exploration of our Mother Nature. We want you to know which are nearby, so you can plan other activities (or relaxation) during your stay.

Hiking Trails Near Eureka Springs, Arkansas


So, from nearest to farthest from your cabin…

Dogwood Trail: Just over 2 miles from Sugar Ridge, this 1.4 mile loop features sweeping vistas and geologic wonders laid bare along bluff lines and a large rock quarry.

Bench Rock Trail at Indian Creek Park: Just 4 miles from your cabin, views over Beaver Lake (especially in Winter) make this 1.4 mile loop a sunrise, afternoon, or sunset delight!

Devil’s Eyebrow & Trimble Mountain:  The trailhead is 6 miles from the resort. The hike is 10-12 miles of vigorous “up and down,” if you decide to go to the end and back (you do not have to). This area boasts some of the rarest, and most diverse collection of, plant species in Arkansas!

Lake Leatherwood Park  is an enchanting spring fed lake valley that boasts some of the finest hiking in the area, just 10 miles from your cabin. Some trails are also used for biking. Most miles will just be you, the birds (and the bees), and the flowers, and the trees! The highlights are…Leatherwood Trail, Bench Loop Trail, Beacham Trail, Miner’s Rock Trail, and the Overlook Trail. When there is water coming down from the hills, take a dip or quiet your soul at Leatherwood Falls.

Whichever excursions you choose, happy trails!

Views of Beaver Lake and the White River Valley: A Short Story of the Long Views from Sugar Ridge

Feet near inland seashore.While sitting on your porch swing at a Sugar Ridge Resort Cabin, the views of Beaver Lake and the White River Valley stretch out for miles before you. To the south, you can see the northern edge of the Boston Mountains. To the north, the Ozark Highlands of Missouri. You might ask yourself, “How is this place as it is, perched above the soaring birds?”

Views of Beaver Lake and the White River Valley from your Time Travelling Porch Swing


Imagine travelling, from the comfort of your porch swing, through 1000 chapters of Earth’s history. Each chapter represents 1000 equal lengths of time. Long story shorter, skip the first 999 chapters-it is now 500 million years ago, and you can dip your toes in the shallow sea beneath your swing. Below the sea’s surface, there is an explosion of new life forms. The submerged rock is being covered by the countless generations of sea creatures, underwater plants, and sediments deposited by the alternately rising and receding water.

As you swing through the ages, great land masses collide in the distance and gently raise a plateau beneath you, while also more dramatically raising mountains beyond. As a result, water begins to drain away, exposing layers of rock. Recognizable land plants “soon” appear, and land animals follow. Over the next 300 million years, wind and rain begin to carve dramatic grooves in the land. Hence, the plot of this chapter dawns on you; your enchantingly scenic spot is not being pushed higher, your views of the Ozarks are being created as a result of the valleys around you becoming deeper!

You now know the tale of your views of Beaver Lake and the White River Valley. Stories about the lake and river, are following. Kick back and dream of time passed. And your future? How sweet it is!

Eureka Springs Biking Trails – Miles aplenty!

eureka springs bike trails

If you love to get out on your bike, you’ll love Eureka Springs biking trails. There are 3 amazing Mountain Biking Systems in town, and there are others in the region within a 30-minute drive.

Lake Leatherwood is the largest system in town, with 30 miles of trail, and includes Beginner Trails, highly technical Cross-Country Trails and the finest Downhill Trails in Arkansas. The Downhill Trails were built by Aaron Rogers of Rock-Solid contracting out of Copper Harbor, Michigan. Shuttles run Thursdays through Sundays, all year.

Black Bass Lake lies just south of Eureka’s Historic District and is home to more than 3 miles of Single Track, hand built by Ozarks Off-Road Cyclists. It features some of the nicest limestone bluffs in the area along with great views of the lake and its cut stone dam.

The Passion Play System is the newest in town and currently has 6 miles of trail surrounding the grounds. The trails were professionally built by Jagged Axe Trail Designs and Tony Boone. By the beginning of 2019, there will be 18 miles of riding available. With trail names like “Holy Roller” and “Atonement,” you are sure to have a religious experience.

Hobbs State Park is 20 miles south of Eureka and contains almost 20 miles of ribbony trail. State Parks is adding another 20 miles of trail built by Rogue Trails. Hobbs is the best place to ride when it is wet and the new trails are filled with flow.

Eureka Springs Biking Trails and Lodging

And for lodging, Sugar Ridge Resort offers some wonderful cabins on Beaver Lake

2017 Corvette Weekend

Oct 6th and 7th Eureka Springs will be filled with over 1,000 Corvettes of all ages. The 37th Annual Corvette Weekend is being held in Eureka Springs. The car show will be held at the Pine Mountain Village Saturday afternoon. There will be a parade of Vintage Chevrolet Corvettes through The Historic District of Eureka Springs. This event is free and open to the general public. Bring a lawn chair and enjoy some small town Americana!

Fishing, fishing and more fishing…

Guests who crave activity will find our Eureka Springs Cabins to be a vacationer’s paradise. A public access boat ramp just one mile from Sugar Ridge enables our guests to explore a 28,000-acre water playground. Guests without their own boats will find a variety of watercraft available for rent just across Beaver Dam at Starkey Marina. Dam Site Park is a 1,700-acre public use area adjacent to our Eureka Springs Cabins; it features swimming areas, picnic sites, and numerous hiking trails.

Scuba divers prize the clean, crystal clear waters of Beaver Lake. Folks who prefer to stay dry while admiring the lake may do so from the deck of the Belle of the Ozarks, which offers scenic cruises several times a day during the season. There are also several golf courses nearby.

Anglers will find black bass, walleye, and world class striped bass in Beaver Lake; fish from shore, or hire a guide to ensure a successful outing. White River, which winds its way from Beaver Dam to the Missouri border, is home to rainbow and brown trout. There are three shore fishing areas below the dam, including one Trophy catch and release area where a happy angler recently caught a 64.5 pound striped bass. Anglers, that could be you.

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