Ozark Mountain Ziplines

Looking for a little high-flying adventure during your Beaver Lake getaway? Ozark Mountain Ziplines offers just that and more and is only 15 minutes away from Sugar Ridge Resort!

There’s no end to the ways you can enjoy yourself in the Beaver Lake area. Hiking, biking, caves, theater, shopping, dining, wineries, music, and more. Ziplining is one outdoor option that is guaranteed to get your blood flowing!

Those who’ve had the experience already know but, if never ridden a zipline, you’re in for quite a treat. The activity combines outdoor adventure with the fun of an amusement ride and can make you feel as if you’re flying like a bird.

Ozark Mountain Ziplines

Ozark Mountain Ziplines  (OMZ) is located on 66 forested acres at 208 West Van Buren, in Eureka Springs, AR. As we mention above, this is just a little over 10 minutes from the Beaver Lake cabins and suites at Sugar Ridge Resort.

Activities include a zipline course, on-site e-bike trails and rentals, and gem panning.

OMZ’s zipline course consists of 10 separate cables and a swinging bridge, stretching over 1.5 miles between the treetops. No man-made towers here! Helmeted zipliners safely glide from point to point along the cables, enjoying forested views from as high as 250′ off the ground. Choose from the full, two-hour canopy tour or the express, 40 minute tour.

e-mountain biking

Visitors can also rent e-mountain bikes to explore the center’s two-mile loop trail. While you still need to pedal, the e-bikes make getting over the rugged and bumpy hills that much easier. The trail includes streams, bridges, unique rock formations, and zipliners soaring overhead. There’s even a picnic area to stop, eat, and take in the scenery.

You can also pan for gems at OMZ’s Ozark Mountain Mining Company. Panners pay for a bag of “mining rough” to put through an authentic mining sluice. This washes the sand and dirt away to reveal what is hidden within. What treasures will you find? A fun-filled, all-ages activity and lesson in both history and geology.

Spend a few hours zipping from tree to tree, riding the trails, and panning for gems, then it’s just a short, scenic drive back to your comfy, lakeside cabin or suite at Sugar Ridge Resort. The makings of a perfect day!

Visit www.ziplineeurekasprings.com for hours, reservations, and more information. You can also find OMZ on Facebook.