Take to the Skies at Ozark Mountain Ziplines

Ozark Mountain Ziplines

Looking for a little high-flying adventure during your Beaver Lake getaway? Ozark Mountain Ziplines offers just that and more and is only 15 minutes away from Sugar Ridge Resort!

There’s no end to the ways you can enjoy yourself in the Beaver Lake area. Hiking, biking, caves, theater, shopping, dining, wineries, music, and more. Ziplining is one outdoor option that is guaranteed to get your blood flowing!

Those who’ve had the experience already know but, if never ridden a zipline, you’re in for quite a treat. The activity combines outdoor adventure with the fun of an amusement ride and can make you feel as if you’re flying like a bird.

Ozark Mountain Ziplines

Ozark Mountain Ziplines  (OMZ) is located on 66 forested acres at 208 West Van Buren, in Eureka Springs, AR. As we mention above, this is just a little over 10 minutes from the Beaver Lake cabins and suites at Sugar Ridge Resort.

Activities include a zipline course, on-site e-bike trails and rentals, and gem panning.

OMZ’s zipline course consists of 10 separate cables and a swinging bridge, stretching over 1.5 miles between the treetops. No man-made towers here! Helmeted zipliners safely glide from point to point along the cables, enjoying forested views from as high as 250′ off the ground. Choose from the full, two-hour canopy tour or the express, 40 minute tour.

e-mountain biking

Visitors can also rent e-mountain bikes to explore the center’s two-mile loop trail. While you still need to pedal, the e-bikes make getting over the rugged and bumpy hills that much easier. The trail includes streams, bridges, unique rock formations, and zipliners soaring overhead. There’s even a picnic area to stop, eat, and take in the scenery.

You can also pan for gems at OMZ’s Ozark Mountain Mining Company. Panners pay for a bag of “mining rough” to put through an authentic mining sluice. This washes the sand and dirt away to reveal what is hidden within. What treasures will you find? A fun-filled, all-ages activity and lesson in both history and geology.

Spend a few hours zipping from tree to tree, riding the trails, and panning for gems, then it’s just a short, scenic drive back to your comfy, lakeside cabin or suite at Sugar Ridge Resort. The makings of a perfect day!

Visit www.ziplineeurekasprings.com for hours, reservations, and more information. You can also find OMZ on Facebook.

Explore Roaring River State Park

Roaring River Spring
“Roaring River Spring” by Jeff Weese is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Those looking for a truly unique outdoor attraction will enjoy a visit to Missouri’s Roaring River State Park. Best of all, this popular destination is less than a half hour’s drive from the Beaver Lake cabins and suites of Sugar Ridge Resort!

You could easily spend a busy week in the Eureka Springs area and still not experience all there is to see and do here. Between all the local festivals, shopping, entertainment, history, and natural attractions, there’s never a need to stray too far afield.

Eureka Springs isn’t the only interesting place in the area, however. The entire region is loaded with fun things to do and see! Roaring River State Park is a great example of what we’re talking about.

The park is in a deep, narrow, river valley, carved out over the centuries by the Roaring River. In fact, one of the park’s most fascinating features is that it’s home to the source of the Roaring River!

Not only is Roaring River one of Missouri’s most popular state parks, it’s only a scenic, 25 minute drive away!

Roaring River State Park

This fantastic State Park can be found at 12716 Farm Road 2239 in Cassville, Missouri, only ten minutes or so past the Missouri/Arkansas border.

Roaring River rainbow trout

Roaring River Spring, located beneath a high limestone cliff, produces 20+ million gallons of water a day, on average. The water flows out into a deep blue pool that, while only 10 feet across, has been explored to a depth of 223 feet!

Another, smaller spring, located at the top of the cliff, cascades down into the main pool below. The water flows out of the deep pool, through a fish hatchery, then out to form the Roaring River. Fascinating!

As you can imagine, with the hatchery right there, fishing at the park is excellent. The waters offer year ’round, rainbow trout fishing but anyone 16 years of age or older will need a Missouri fishing permit to wet a line. Many prefer to simply watch and feed the many trout found swimming in the deep blue of the spring pool.

Roaring River State Park also offers 7 hiking trails. Trails that explore the 4,294 acre park, including hardwood forests, small streams, and strange geological formations.

Roaring River State Park Dam and Spillway
“Roaring River State Park Dam and Spillway” by Keith Snyder is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Other park features include a historic CCC and WPA structures, the Ozark Chinquapin Nature Center, a park store, restaurant, picnic tables, and more.

Visit the park website for more information.

Spend the day exploring the park, then it’s a just a a short and scenic drive back to your Beaver Lake cabin or suite at Sugar Ridge Resort. A great way to spend a vacation day!

The Great Passion Play 2024 Season

The Great Passion Play, Eureka Springs AR

Eureka Springs’ Great Passion Play theater and theme park opened in 1968 and has only become more famous with every passing year. The attraction is home to the towering Christ of the Ozarks monument, tours of the “Holy Land,” and a 4,000 seat outdoor amphitheater presenting stunning reenactments of  “The Greatest Story Ever Told.”

The Eureka Springs area is home to many standout attractions. For Christians, however, few can compete with The Great Passion Play. This amazing, Christian theme park was the brainchild of Gerald L. K. Smith. Smith, a conservative politician, retired to Eureka Springs in the 1960’s. Of course, his idea of retirement was a much more active pursuit than most!

Smith’s passion for spreading the word of the gospel was mighty. He proved this with his first big project: the seven story Christ of the Ozarks on the peak of Magnetic Mountain.  Not content to stop there, Smith began formulating plans for the Passion Play park during the statue’s construction.

Best of all, the park is only a half hour’s drive from the Beaver Lake cabins and suites of Sugar Ridge Resort!

Attractions at the Park

Christ of the Ozarks

The Great Passion Play theme park offers a great number of Christian-themed attractions. The most famous is The Great Passion Play itself: an hour-and-forty-five minute reenactment of Christ’s last week of mortal life. This thrilling epic drama is staged on a highly detailed, multi-level set featuring special effects, live animals, and a cast of 170 actors. All before a massive, a 4,000 seat outdoor amphitheater. Performances occur several times a week each month, May to October, with special performances around Easter and Christmas.

Beyond the live performances of The Passion Play are many family-friendly, theme park attractions. Popular experiences like the Holy Land Tour, where you can experience scenes and meet characters from biblical history first-hand. Visit the Bible Museum to see more than 6,000 different Bibles ​in 625 languages.

The Sacred Arts Center is home to more than 1,000 works of art, some of them going all of the way back to the ninth century! There are also special presentations to attend, a biblical marketplace to browse, and dining in The Great Hall Buffet.

Those looking to stretch their legs will enjoy the 18 miles of mountain biking, hiking, and trail running trails, designed for . One trail even leads to the Christ of the Ozarks monument, though you can also reach it by car. The 67 foot tall monument is especially striking at night, fully lit beneath a twinkling canopy of stars.

2024 Performances at The Great Passion Play

The Great Passion Play, Eureka Springs AR

The Passion Play’s 2024 season runs from Memorial Day Weekend through November 2nd, 2024. Performances are on Tuesday, Fridays, and Saturdays in June, July, and the first two Tuesdays of August. September and October performances are on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, with special performances on Memorial Day and Labor Day weekend Sundays.

The Passion Play theme park and most attractions are open 9am to 5pm year-round, except Sundays, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas. ​The Christ of the Ozarks and the park’s trails are open 365 days a year, from sunrise to an hour after sunset.

Visit the park website for more details. You can also find the park on Facebook.

Spend as much time as you like at the park, knowing it’s just a short and scenic drive back to the comforts of your Beaver Lake cabin or suite at Sugar Ridge Resort.

Visit Onyx Cave Park – Arkansas’ Oldest Show Cave

Onyx Cave Park

The Eureka Springs area is home to a wide number of rare, unique, and historical attractions, including Onyx Cave, Arkansas’ oldest show cave. In fact, Onyx Cave Park is only a half-hour’s scenic drive from the Beaver Lake cabins of Sugar Ridge Resort!

There’s no end to the fun you can get up to here at Beaver Lake, Arkansas. Sugar Ridge Resort is perched high above Beaver Lake for breathtaking, 180 degree views. Visitors come to enjoy fishing, scenic drives, boating, hikes, and many other outdoor activities.

We’re also just next door to Eureka Springs and its cornucopia of activities, events, and attractions. Must-see destinations and happenings like Blue Spring Heritage Center, Christ of the Ozarks, Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge, the Original Ozark Folk Festival, War Eagle Craft Fair, Eureka Gras, and so much more.

One type of attraction that you can find all over the area is caves. Arkansas is riddled with fascinating caves that you can visit and tour.  As I mentioned above, the area is home to Arkansas’ oldest show cave: Onyx Cave.

Onyx Cave first opened to the public in 1893, making the attraction over 130 years old in 2024.

Show caves were not always as well understood, respected, or protected as they are now. In the early days, visitors didn’t think twice about taking a souvenir home with them. Consequently, Onyx shows a lot of past wear and tear. Why, the cave even had scenes from a movie shot in it: “It’s Alive,” a 1969 B-Movie thriller. Despite this fact, Onyx Cave still has plenty to reveal to those willing to explore it.

The cave gets its name from the many weird and fascinating flowstone formations found within. Flowstone, once commonly referred to as “cave onyx,”  is a smooth, sheet-like deposit of calcite found in limestone caves. It forms over thousands of years, deposited by flowing water and often resembling the flow that deposited it.

Onyx Cave Park

Visitors to the park can enjoy a self-guided, 30 minute audio tour of the cave. Paths in the cave are smooth and level, with steps and handrails where necessary. You’ll see stalactites, stalagmites, and lots of flowstone in chambers with names like the Witches Fireplace and the Friendly Dragon.

The audio guide will direct your attention to notable cave features and provide other interesting facts about the cave’s history, geology, and wildlife. You may even be luck enough to see a bat, salamander, or other natural cave denizen. Fascinating – but don’t forget an extra layer! Onyx Cave’s temperature stays around 57° F (13.8° C) all year ’round, no matter the season or weather.

Beyond the cave tour, park visitors may also enjoy semi-precious gem-panning, axe-throwing, and a host of unique items for sale in the gift shop. They even have snow cones, the perfect treat on a hot day. Yum!

Onyx Cave is located in Onyx Cave Park at 338 Onyx Cave Lane, Eureka Springs, AR 72632

Visit the cave website for seasonal hours and other information. You can also visit the cave on Facebook.

Spend your day out exploring the natural wonders of the Eureka Springs area, then head back to the supreme comfort of your Beaver Lake cabins and suites at Sugar Ridge Resort. Who could ask for more?

Fishing Beaver Lake Arkansas

Fishing Beaver Lake Arkansas

Anglers staying at Sugar Ridge Resort will be happy to know that Beaver Lake is a popular fishing spot. The 28,000+ acre lake is home to a wide variety of fish, with boat ramps, marinas, gear rentals, guides, and more. Read on to learn more about fishing Beaver Lake, Arkansas.

With Eureka Springs so close nearby and the beauty of Beaver Lake at your feet, there’s no end to the fun you can have during your stay at Sugar Ridge Resort. This is especially true if your idea of fun includes casting a line into the water.

Beaver Lake is an angler’s paradise with a wide variety of fish to go after. Black bass, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, striped bass, walleye, crappie, redear sunfish, blue catfish, bream, and many others.

The White River is also nearby with its healthy stock of brown and rainbow trout; the perfect fly-fishng spot.

In fact, Beaver Lake is a favorite destrination for FLW tournaments and several 40-pound-plus state-record stripers have been pulled from these waters.

Fishing Beaver Lake Arkansas

Fishing Beaver Lake by boat

With 487 miles of shoreline and a variety of outfitters and guides to choose from, fishing Beaver Lake, Arkansas can take a variety of forms.

First thing’s first, however: you’re going to need a valid Arkansas fishing license and knowledge of the Beaver Lake fishing rules and regulations.

Next up is gear. If you didn’t bring your own, you’ll find a number of providers around the lake.  The Beaver Dam Store is just five minutes from Sugar Ridge Resort with a good fly and tackle shop, as well as fishing guides.

Those hoping to fish from the surface of the lake will discover a public access boat ramp just one mile from the resort. You say you didn’t bring a boat? No problem! Beaver Lake is home to a numerous boat rentals, including those at nearby Starkey Marina.

There’s no bad season for fishing at Beaver Lake.  In fact, you can catch fish here all year long.

fly-fishing the White River near Beaver Lake
Fly-fishing for trout in the nearby White River.

Spring and fall are the best times for bass fishing because of that’s the time of their pre-spawn and spawn. Early spring and winter are some of the best times for striper, while walleye are best in spring or fall. Summer sees most folks going after catfish, though night-time striper fishing is also popular. Fall sees very healthy populations of striped and hybrid striped bass. Crappie are very plentiful and can be caught all year long.

As with all bodies of water, some parts of Beaver Lake are better than others for finding fish. Creek mouths are some of the best areas for striper and hybrid fishing, especially in summer. The flats near where the White River and War Eagle join Beaver Lake is a prime hot spot.

View up-to-date Beaver Lake fishing reports to discover current hot spots. You may also want to consider hiring a fishing guide or charter, which we would be happy to recommended for you.

Whatever tack you take, you can’t beat fishing Beaver Lake, Arkansas – and Sugar Ridge Resort is here to help!

Take In the Arkansas Fall Foliage at Beaver Lake

Arkansas Fall Foliage at Beaver Lake
The view from Sugar Ridge Resort

Spring has sprung, summer has come and gone. Now it’s time for fall – and what a glorious fall it will be! This year’s autumn colors are going to be especially vibrant and Beaver Lake is the perfect Arkansas fall foliage destination!

It’s always beautiful at Beaver Lake but it’s also true that some seasons are more striking than others. While it’s hard to beat the greening in spring and sunny summer, autumn’s colors have it, hands down.

Here in Northern Arkansas, notable color change begins working its way down the mountains in late September or early October. Peak color typically appears late October. That means now is the perfect time start planning your Arkansas fall foliage getaway at Sugar Ridge Resort!

Our location, perched high above Beaver Lake, means non-stop leaf-peeping, with 180 degree views of the Ozarks and Beaver Lake. Plus we’re surrounded by endless opportunities for scenic drives, hikes, and other fall activities.

Arkansas Fall Foliage Drives

One of the easiest and most pleasant ways to take in as much Arkansas fall foliage as possible is with a relaxing, scenic drive.  The winding mountain roads of the Ozarks are always entrancing but, come fall, they verge on the fantastic. Head out and take in all those amazing fall colors, stopping whenever you like to really take in all that majestic beauty.

Autumn road trip possibilities in and around Eureka Springs are nearly endless. Many of the area’s scenic byways are absolutely stunning in fall. We suggest checking out the drive between highways 23 and 16 and highways 7 and 62, for starters.

Ozark National Forest in autumn
Ozark National Forest

Another good option is Scenic 7 Byway, one of the area’s – and the country’s – most popular fall drives. The 290 mile route, located in Ozark National Forest, just south of Eureka Springs, offers varied geography and scenic views.

Pig Trail Scenic Byway is also particularly brilliant in both spring and fall. Pig Trail is a 19 mile long tunnel of foliage that crosses the Mulberry River and the 165-mile Ozark Highlands Trail.

Pea Ridge National Military Park is another fine, fall destination. Visit the park and drive the self-guided tour to experience both the historic battlefield and the area’s amazing fall foliage.

Fall Foliage Hikes and Biking Trails

Scenic drives are great but there may be no better way to enjoy the Arkansas fall foliage than to simply get out in it. Luckily, both Beaver Lake and Eureka Springs are loaded with excellent hiking and mountain biking opportunities.

Whitaker Point, aka Hawksbill Crag, is considered the most romantic spot in the Arkansas. Come autumn, it’s also an incredible vantage point for viewing an absolute sea of fall colors. The moderately challenging, 2.7-mile round-trip hike on Whitaker Point Trail takes around 2 hours but pays off in fantastic, panoramic views.

Dogwood Canyon Nature Park is another worthy fall foliage destination. The park offers 10,000 acres hiking, biking, fishing, and exceptional views of the Ozark Mountains.

Hawksbill Crag in Autumn
Whitaker Point, aka Hawksbill Crag

Nearby Hobbs State Park is Arkansas largest state park with over 12,000 acres of dense Ozarks forest, Beaver Lake shoreline, bike trails, and walking paths. Be sure to check out the Visitor Center and Van Winkle Hollow, too.

Eureka Springs’ Lake Leatherwood City Park is another fun leaf-peeping destination. The popular park has picnic spots and lovely paths and trails for hiking and biking.

And More …

We’ve only touched on a few of the fall drives and hikes near our Beaver Lake AR cabins and suites. We didn’t even mention all the nearby shopping, dining and museums.

Nor did we talk about all the fun, fall season festivals. Things like the Bikes Blues and BBQ Weekend, Eureka Springs Oktoberfest, Corvette Weekend, War Eagle Craft Fair, the Original Ozark Folk Festival, and did I mention Halloween?

Is it any wonder that Eureka Springs is one of the best fall foliage getaways in the country. Come share it with us, on Beaver Lake, at Sugar Ridge Resort.

Visit Pea Ridge National Military Park

Pea Ridge National Military Park

The Civil War Battle of Pea Ridge took place in early March of 1862 and involved nearly 26,000 Union, Confederate, and even Cherokee soldiers. Pea Ridge National Military Park preserves this important Civil War battlefield, located just 20 minutes west of our Beaver Lake cabins and suites.

Civil War history buffs will find a lot to explore in Arkansas.  There’s the Lakeport Plantation in Lake Village, Chidester’s Poison Springs Battleground, Headquarters House in Fayetteville, and many others. Of all the major Civil War sites in the state, Pea Ridge is the closest to Beaver Lake, and notable as one of the most intact Civil War battlefields around.

The Battle of Pea Ridge saw the two armies wrestling for control of Missouri, a crucial border state. The Confederates, led by Major General Earl Van Dorn, brought 16,000 soldiers to the fight, including almost 800 Cherokee. They faced off against 10,250 Union soldiers, led by Brigadier General Samuel R. Curtis , who were in control of the state at the time.

The conflict, a bloody battle by all accounts, took place over two days and on two separate battlefields. Though they were outnumbered, the Union was victorious, holding their position and driving the Confederates from the battlefield.

Pea Ridge National Military Park

scenic overlook

Pea Ridge Military Park is located at 15930 East, US-62, in Garfield, AR, just north of Rogers. The park preserves the battlefield in honor of the nearly 3,500 soldiers who died here on March 7th and 8th, 1862.

Visitors to the park will find 4,300-acres to explore and several ways to enjoy them. Highlights include two Civil War battlefields, historic Elkhorn Tavern, a visitor’s center, hiking trails, and more.

Be sure to stop by the Pea Ridge Visitor Center and Museum to take in the interactive exhibits. Then you’ll want to embark on the 7-mile, self-guided road tour with 28 points of interest. You can also explore the park with a Guided Cell Phone Tour. 7 miles of hiking and biking trails leading to various points of interest.

A 2.5 mile section of The Trail Of Tears also runs through the park. For those unaware, the Trail of Tears is the path thousands of Native Americans walked and died along during a forced relocation in the 1820s.

Pea Ridge Military Park is open 365 days a year, 6am to dusk. Learn more at the park website.

Spend a few hours at the park learning about our great nation’s storied heritage, then it’s an easy and scenic drive back to the comfort of your Sugar Ridge Resort suite or cabin on Beaver Lake. The perfect day!

Discover Opera in the Ozarks at Inspiration Point

Opera in the Ozarks at Inspiration Point

Opera in the Ozarks 2023 season is just days away with 3 operas, 22 performances, a chamber music concert, and two Broadway Cabarets! June 23rd through July 21st, 2023 In Eureka Springs, AR.

Music and stage fans will not want to miss a chance to attend an Opera in the Ozarks performance. The famed theater started off in 1950 as a summer music camp but has since evolved into an important venue for students pursuing opera careers.

The company runs an intensive, 8-week summer program every year for a select group of students. These talented attendees receive professional career training and a chance to perform in a professional scale opera before a live audience. Maybe you!

Many alumni of the training program have gone on to prominent performing careers. These include Mark Delavan, Stephen Dickson, Tom Fox, Carroll Freeman, Beverly Hoch, Hei-Kyung Hong, and Gwendolyn Jones, to name just a few.

Of course, the theater’s existence is also a huge perk for local and visiting opera fans. Who expects to be able to attend world class opera performances in Northwest Arkansas? You, now!

Chamber Music at Opera in the Ozarks

The Opera in the Ozarks campus is located seven miles northwest of Eureka Springs at Inspiration Point on top of Rock Candy Mountain. This iconic location overlooks the White River Valley from a 600 foot vantage point and includes a majestic castle, patterned after those of the Rhine River valley. A truly magical setting and a must-visit for all those passing through the area.

Best of all, Sugar Ridge Resort is just 10 scenic minutes away from Opera in the Ozarks at Inspiration Point. This means you can easily attend a show and still have plenty of time to enjoy the views and recreation at Beaver Lake. Sounds like the makings of a perfect day, to me!

Opera in the Ozarks 2023 Season

The 2023 Season runs from June 23rd through July 21st. This season’s first Broadway Cabaret is at Mount Sequoyah Center in Fayetteville, AR with hors d’oeuvres and dessert. The second is at Eureka Springs’ Crescent Hotel and includes a full dinner with dessert. Both cabaret venues feature cash bars.

Sunday matinees, aka Ice Cream Sundays (July 2,9, and 16), include a chance to enjoy some delicious ice cream with your show from Eureka Springs’ The Big Dipper. Delish!

All shows are 7:30pm/Sundays 3pm unless otherwise noted.

L’Elisir D’Amore (The Elixir of Love) – Donizetti
June 23 and 28 – July 1, 5, 9, 12, 15, and 21

The Tender Land – Copland
June 24 and 29 – July 3, 7, 11, 16, 20

Opera in the Ozarks

Orpheus in the Underworld – Offenbach
June 27, 30 – July 2, 6, 8, 14, and 19

Ice Cream Sundays – July 2, 9, 16

Broadway Cabaret at Mount Sequoyah Center in Fayetteville, 7pm – July 13

Chamber Music – July 17

Broadway Cabaret at Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, 6pm – July 18

Opera in the Ozarks is located at 16311 Hwy. 62 West, Eureka Springs, AR. Visit opera.org for tickets and more information. You can also find the theater on Facebook.

Pivot Rock Park and Natural Bridge

Pivot Rock at Pivot Rock Park

If you enjoy unique rock formations, you’ll want to make time to visit Eureka Springs’ Pivot Rock Park and Natural Bridge, less than a half hour’s drive from our Beaver Lake.

Arkansas is full of fascinating natural wonders. Caves, natural springs, lakes, mountains, and parks that can amaze, baffle, and even inspire you. Of course, guests of our Beaver Lake cabins and suites will not need to go far for that. You can easily fill your days with good ol’ mother nature right here on the lake. Hiking, fishing, paddling, swimming, and so much more.

That being said, sometimes even the best places can get stale and a simple change of scenery can do wonders. Luckily, the surrounding area is loaded with things to see and do, no matter which way you turn. Eureka Springs is right next door, after all. Home to shopping, dining, museums, live entertainment and, yes, plenty of natural attractions, too. Things like Pivot Rock Park and Natural Bridge!

Pivot Rock Park & Natural Bridge

Pivot Rock Park is located a few miles north of Eureka Springs, just off of Highway 62 West, at 1708 Pivot Rock Road. This is, as I mentioned above, just a short and scenic drive from Sugar Ridge Resort.

The park, a small and historic roadside attraction, is full of small caves, deep gullies, and strange, stacked rock formations. In fact, the area is so unique that it was once featured in Ripley’s Believe It Or Not. Legend has it the area also once served as hideout for Jesse James and the James-Younger Gang. That’s such a common claim around these parts, however, that you can very much take the claim with a grain of salt.

Visitors to the park pay a small fee to enter and explore at their own pace. Pivot Rock and the Natural Bridge formations are reached via a short hike on a paved trail, through a nicely wooded area.

Natural Bridge at Pivot Rock Park

Natural Bridge is the first big attraction along the trail, found jutting up from the rugged hillside. The trail allows you to view this curious and weathered stone arch from all sides. It really does look like just a bridge, albeit from some fantasy illustration.

Pivot Rock is next along the trail and impossible to miss. The naturally formed, 12 foot tall, upside down, pyramid-shaped rock looks to be balancing on its tip. The top is about ten feet wide, yet the base only around a foot thick! Ripley’s billed it as the largest freestanding rock formation with a base ten times smaller than its top. You’d think it would fall right over but it’s really very stable and the perfect subject for fun photos.

Pivot Rock Park is open March to October, 10am to 5pm, everyday but Thursday. Learn more about the park by visiting it on Facebook.

Those looking to spend a little more time in the area should consider a stop by the stunningly beautiful Thorncrown Chapel, just 10 minutes from Pivot Rock at 12968 US-62, Eureka Springs, AR.

Then it’s just a short hop back to your digs at Sugar Ridge Resort. Perfect!

Tour Cosmic Cavern

Cosmic Cavern

Spelunkers staying at Sugar Ridge Resort will be excited to learn that one of the country’s top ten show caves, Cosmic Cavern, is less than an 45 minutes away. The “Must See” attraction is located in Berryville, AR, half-way between Eureka Springs and Branson, Missouri.

Arkansas is home to a lot of fascinating caves and many are within easy distance of our Beaver Lake cabins and suites.  None are quite as famous as Cosmic Cavern, however. This historic attraction is the largest, and considered one of the prettiest, privately owned show caves in the state.

The cave, while known to ancient Native Americans, was not discovered in the modern era until 1845, when it was mined for its onyx and other minerals. Cave ownership changed hands repeatedly until 1980, when it was purchased by the Langhover family, who still operate it today.

Inside, you’ll find a variety of unusual features,  such as a 9-foot soda straw formation, the longest in the Ozarks. In fact, Cosmic Cavern has many unique and beautiful rock formations, or speleothems, to admire. Stalactites and stalagmites, flowstone, helictites, cave bacon, draperies, and more.

The cave is also home to two “bottomless” lakes.  One, South Lake, has a long-term population of trout, some of which have lost their sight and pigmentation from being underground for so many generations.  The other lake in the cavern was only discovered in 1993. Consequently, it is incredibly pristine and clear.

Cosmic Cavern flowstone

Cosmic Cavern is also unique for its temperature, which stays a relatively balmy 64°F with 96% humidity throughout the year. Most other caverns are lucky to hover around the mid to upper 50’s.

Touring Cosmic Cavern

Visitors to Cosmic Cavern can enjoy both Guided Walking Cave Tours and Wild Cave Tours.

Guided Walking Cave Tours take around an hour and 15 minutes and cover a distance of approximately 1/3 mile. Your path is well lit and, while there are some stairs, most of the tour is level. This tour will take you past many unique stone formations, as well as the two subterranean lakes. You may even see blind cave trout and blind cave salamanders. Fascinating!

Wild Cave Tours, on the other hand, are offered after normal hours and take you to deeper, undeveloped parts of the cave. You’ll definitely get a little wet and muddy but gloves, hard hats, and lights are supplied. Fun and exciting!

Cosmic Cavern also offers a gift shop, lunch pavilion, museum, and gemstone panning station. Here, youngsters (or the young at heart) can amuse pan for various crystals and keep what they find. Rubies, emeralds, sapphires, quartz, and more.

Cosmic Cavern is located at 6386 Hwy. 21 North, in Berryville, AR 72616. – just 45 minutes drive from our Beaver Lake Cabins and Suites.

Cosmic Cavern bottomless lake

Cavern hours are 9am to 5pm daily, March through December. Visit the cavern website for more information. You can also find the cavern on Facebook.

More Local Caves

You say you like caves? Well, you certainly came to the right place! As we say above, Arkansas is home to many caves, some of the best of which are right here in the local area.

For more underground fun near Sugar Ridge Resort, consider visiting War Eagle Cavern on Beaver Lake and Onyx Cave Park in Eureka Springs.

What things do you hope to do during your Beaver Lake getaway? Let us know and we’ll help get you on your way! Sugar Ridge Resort loves sharing beautiful Arkansas with our guests!