Visit Onyx Cave Park – Arkansas’ Oldest Show Cave

Onyx Cave Park

The Eureka Springs area is home to a wide number of rare, unique, and historical attractions, including Onyx Cave, Arkansas’ oldest show cave. In fact, Onyx Cave Park is only a half-hour’s scenic drive from the Beaver Lake cabins of Sugar Ridge Resort!

There’s no end to the fun you can get up to here at Beaver Lake, Arkansas. Sugar Ridge Resort is perched high above Beaver Lake for breathtaking, 180 degree views. Visitors come to enjoy fishing, scenic drives, boating, hikes, and many other outdoor activities.

We’re also just next door to Eureka Springs and its cornucopia of activities, events, and attractions. Must-see destinations and happenings like Blue Spring Heritage Center, Christ of the Ozarks, Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge, the Original Ozark Folk Festival, War Eagle Craft Fair, Eureka Gras, and so much more.

One type of attraction that you can find all over the area is caves. Arkansas is riddled with fascinating caves that you can visit and tour.  As I mentioned above, the area is home to Arkansas’ oldest show cave: Onyx Cave.

Onyx Cave first opened to the public in 1893, making the attraction over 130 years old in 2024.

Show caves were not always as well understood, respected, or protected as they are now. In the early days, visitors didn’t think twice about taking a souvenir home with them. Consequently, Onyx shows a lot of past wear and tear. Why, the cave even had scenes from a movie shot in it: “It’s Alive,” a 1969 B-Movie thriller. Despite this fact, Onyx Cave still has plenty to reveal to those willing to explore it.

The cave gets its name from the many weird and fascinating flowstone formations found within. Flowstone, once commonly referred to as “cave onyx,”  is a smooth, sheet-like deposit of calcite found in limestone caves. It forms over thousands of years, deposited by flowing water and often resembling the flow that deposited it.

Onyx Cave Park

Visitors to the park can enjoy a self-guided, 30 minute audio tour of the cave. Paths in the cave are smooth and level, with steps and handrails where necessary. You’ll see stalactites, stalagmites, and lots of flowstone in chambers with names like the Witches Fireplace and the Friendly Dragon.

The audio guide will direct your attention to notable cave features and provide other interesting facts about the cave’s history, geology, and wildlife. You may even be luck enough to see a bat, salamander, or other natural cave denizen. Fascinating – but don’t forget an extra layer! Onyx Cave’s temperature stays around 57° F (13.8° C) all year ’round, no matter the season or weather.

Beyond the cave tour, park visitors may also enjoy semi-precious gem-panning, axe-throwing, and a host of unique items for sale in the gift shop. They even have snow cones, the perfect treat on a hot day. Yum!

Onyx Cave is located in Onyx Cave Park at 338 Onyx Cave Lane, Eureka Springs, AR 72632

Visit the cave website for seasonal hours and other information. You can also visit the cave on Facebook.

Spend your day out exploring the natural wonders of the Eureka Springs area, then head back to the supreme comfort of your Beaver Lake cabins and suites at Sugar Ridge Resort. Who could ask for more?

Experience the 2024 Solar Eclipse on Beaver Lake

2024 Solar Eclipse path of totality over North America

Make your 2024 Solar Eclipse experience even more spectacular with 180 degree views over the Ozarks, here on the shores of Beaver Lake, at Sugar Ridge Resort.

As you likely already know, there will be a total solar eclipse on April 8th, 2024, visible diagonally across the US, from Texas to Maine, including a large swath of Arkansas. Though our portion of Northern Arkansas is not directly under eclipse, we’re just next door, so can still expect a fantastic show.

Partial and total solar eclipses aren’t actually all that rare. In fact, there’s one visible somewhere on the planet just about every 18 months.  What makes them seem so rare is that an eclipse’s “path of totality,” the band of darkness it creates, is actually fairly narrow. If you’re not under that “path of totality,” you see only a partial eclipse – or even nothing at all if you’re too far away.

As I say above, Beaver Lake is not directly under the path of totality, so what we’ll see is a partial eclipse – still an amazing natural show to experience over the lake! Especially with the 180 degree views available from our Beaver Lake, AR cabins and suites.

2024 Solar Eclipse Over Beaver Lake

2024 Solar Eclipse Over Beaver Lake

Solar eclipse totalities, when the moon completely obscures all but the sun’s corona, can last from 10 seconds to nearly 7 and a half minutes. Here in northern Arkansas, the 2024 solar eclipse totality will last as long as 4 minutes.

On Beaver Lake, we can expect partial coverage of the sun to begin on April 8th, 2024, at around 12:37pm. The eclipse peaks at about 1:54pm, and everything will be back to normal by around 3:15pm. That’s nearly three hours of out of this world, natural phenomenon to enjoy!

They say that 180,000 eclipse watchers are coming to Arkansas for this historic, astronomical event. Most, of course, will head deeper into the state to enjoy the full path of totality. For those unable to find accommodations inside the path of totality, or maybe looking for a less crowded, lakeside experience, we suggest a stay at Sugar Ridge Resort.

Not only are our Eureka Springs cabins and suites located high above Beaver Lake with 180 degree views of the surrounding Ozarks but Eureka Springs is just next door. Consequently, our guests can enjoy fishing, boating, hiking, scenic drives, stunning sunsets, shopping, dining, festivals, theater, and more!

So go ahead and book your stay at Sugar Ridge Resort for the 2024 Solar Eclipse over Beaver Lake – but do it fast before we’re all booked up!

Learn more about the upcoming 2024 total solar eclipse over Arkansas at

Fishing Beaver Lake Arkansas

Fishing Beaver Lake Arkansas

Anglers staying at Sugar Ridge Resort will be happy to know that Beaver Lake is a popular fishing spot. The 28,000+ acre lake is home to a wide variety of fish, with boat ramps, marinas, gear rentals, guides, and more. Read on to learn more about fishing Beaver Lake, Arkansas.

With Eureka Springs so close nearby and the beauty of Beaver Lake at your feet, there’s no end to the fun you can have during your stay at Sugar Ridge Resort. This is especially true if your idea of fun includes casting a line into the water.

Beaver Lake is an angler’s paradise with a wide variety of fish to go after. Black bass, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, striped bass, walleye, crappie, redear sunfish, blue catfish, bream, and many others.

The White River is also nearby with its healthy stock of brown and rainbow trout; the perfect fly-fishng spot.

In fact, Beaver Lake is a favorite destrination for FLW tournaments and several 40-pound-plus state-record stripers have been pulled from these waters.

Fishing Beaver Lake Arkansas

Fishing Beaver Lake by boat

With 487 miles of shoreline and a variety of outfitters and guides to choose from, fishing Beaver Lake, Arkansas can take a variety of forms.

First thing’s first, however: you’re going to need a valid Arkansas fishing license and knowledge of the Beaver Lake fishing rules and regulations.

Next up is gear. If you didn’t bring your own, you’ll find a number of providers around the lake.  The Beaver Dam Store is just five minutes from Sugar Ridge Resort with a good fly and tackle shop, as well as fishing guides.

Those hoping to fish from the surface of the lake will discover a public access boat ramp just one mile from the resort. You say you didn’t bring a boat? No problem! Beaver Lake is home to a numerous boat rentals, including those at nearby Starkey Marina.

There’s no bad season for fishing at Beaver Lake.  In fact, you can catch fish here all year long.

fly-fishing the White River near Beaver Lake
Fly-fishing for trout in the nearby White River.

Spring and fall are the best times for bass fishing because of that’s the time of their pre-spawn and spawn. Early spring and winter are some of the best times for striper, while walleye are best in spring or fall. Summer sees most folks going after catfish, though night-time striper fishing is also popular. Fall sees very healthy populations of striped and hybrid striped bass. Crappie are very plentiful and can be caught all year long.

As with all bodies of water, some parts of Beaver Lake are better than others for finding fish. Creek mouths are some of the best areas for striper and hybrid fishing, especially in summer. The flats near where the White River and War Eagle join Beaver Lake is a prime hot spot.

View up-to-date Beaver Lake fishing reports to discover current hot spots. You may also want to consider hiring a fishing guide or charter, which we would be happy to recommended for you.

Whatever tack you take, you can’t beat fishing Beaver Lake, Arkansas – and Sugar Ridge Resort is here to help!

At Year’s End – 2023 At Our Eureka Springs Cabins on Beaver Lake

Sugar Ridge Resort Eureka Springs cabins on Beaver Lake

Can you believe we’re almost to the end of the year? New Years’ Eve is just weeks away and we’re left wondering where the time has gone. 2023 was another great year at Eureka Springs cabins on Beaver Lake, filled with wonderful guests and lots of warm memories.

We feel so lucky to be on the shores of Beaver Lake and absolutely love hosting guests at Sugar Ridge Resort. Sharing the area and this special part of the world with others truly is its own reward.

History buffs, art fans, outdoor enthusiasts, music-lovers, shoppers, foodies, and everyone else will find plenty see and do here. The Eureka Springs area is home to an endless variety of attractions. Must-see destinations like Thorncrown Chapel, Cosmic Cavern, Blue Spring Heritage Center, Christ of the Ozarks, Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge, and so much more.

Eureka Springs active arts community makes sure the event calendar is always full, too. Don’t miss out on popular events like the Original Ozark Folk Festival, War Eagle Craft Fair, Eureka Gras, Ozark Mountain Music Festival, Diversity Weekends, Christmas Parade of Lights, and many others. There’s always something happening in Eureka Springs, AR!

And let’s not forget the natural beauty of Beaver Lake.

The location of our resort, perched high above the lake, provides breathtaking, 180 degree views of the Ozarks and Beaver Lake. We’re also surrounded by endless opportunities for fishing, scenic drives, boating, hikes, and other fun, outdoor activities. You needn’t go anywhere else at all!

After a year of providing accommodation services, nothing is as rewarding as the lovely comments and reviews we receive from our guests. We wouldn’t be doing this if it weren’t for you, so knowing our efforts have had a positive effect puts a real cherry on top of it all.

2023 At Our Eureka Springs Cabins

Gouri – 5/5
November 2023

My wife always wanted the cabin experience. We stayed here for our honeymoon. It was perfect. The view of the lake was spectacular. The cabin was luxurious and spacious. The furnishings were so comfortable and charming. From morning coffee looking at the fog rise above the lake, to playing the guitar by a roaring fire, to sitting in the hot tub looking out at the stars. And the staff are so friendly and helpful. A perfect stay.

Eureka Springs cabins at Beaver Lake

Andrew D – 5/5
October 2023

Owners are fantastic hosts. We stayed in cabin 6 and it was an exceptional experience. The cabin has everything we could have asked for and the views are incredible! We will absolutely come back and recommend it to everyone.

Andrew Epp – 5/5
September 2023

Honeymoon Suite with my wife for our 7th anniversary. Everything was amazing. The location. The atmosphere. The accommodations. The view. The price. The privacy. The service. The layout of the cabin. It was all so perfect. Couldn’t be happier with this place. Will definitely go again, and I will recommend this to everyone.

Cynthia Wilson – 5/5
June 2023

A paradise overlooking Beaver Lake! The room as cozy and clean and the bed comfy yet sturdy. The jacuzzi tub is a definite bonus. It is a bit outside of town and the road is windy and steep in places but it’s definitely worth checking out of you want a quieter night time experience.

Jerry – 5/5
May 2023

Awesome resort overlooking beaver lake. Rustic cabins with modern amenities staff takes very good care of guests and the property everything you need to relax and have a good time at Sugar Ridge Resort.

Sugar Ridge Resort Winter Special & Gift Certificates

Break in the new year with a relaxing getaway to Beaver Lake and Eureka Springs. Our 2+1 Free Winter Special allows you to enjoy a longer, more laid-back winter getaway, while saving. How?

Book your stay for any 2 nights at our Beaver Lake resort and get a 3rd night for free! Rushing to relax is counterproductive. Why not take some extra time to achieve true relaxation? Sugar Ridge Resort makes it easy by giving you that third night on the house!

Sugar Ridge Resort gift certificates

Best of all, this special is available any 3 days of the week. Take off early for the weekend, extend the weekend, or enjoy a lengthier midweek stay. It’s your choice. Now THAT is relaxing!

The 2+1 Free Winter Special is available January 4th through February 8th, 2024. Book your New Years’ getaway at Sugar Ridge Resort today!

Wanting to gift someone else with a stay at our Eureka Springs cabins on Beaver Lake? You can, with Sugar Ridge Resort gift certificates!

Sugar Ridge Resort gift certificates make an excellent gift. They have no set amount, can be used for almost anything at the Resort, and are good for up to five years from date of issue. Best of all, they’re very easy to purchase. Simply fill out the form, make your payment, and you’re done. Instant Eureka Springs vacay!

Happy Holidays from all of us at Sugar Ridge Resort!

Get Set for Ozark Mountain Music Festival 2024

Get Set for Ozark Mountain Music Festival 2024

Gear up for the 10th annual Ozark Mountain Music Festival, affectionately known as OzMoMu! Experience four days of live music at the historic Basin Park Hotel in downtown Eureka Springs. January 18th to the 21st, 2024.

OzMoMu is unmatched, combining lively American roots music on multiple indoor stages with a variety of fun, daily activities. Attendees can enjoy theme nights, whiskey tastings, yoga & mimosas, ice skating, hatchet throwing, macrame, tie-dyeing, and more.

Ozark Mountain Music Festival is a winter event, so held indoors, but is otherwise just like a top-notch, multi-band, outdoor music event. One of the festival’s highlights is its lack of a backstage. Both bands and the audience share the same space, creating a warm intimacy that sets this festival apart.

OzMoMu 2024 begins Thursday night, January 18th. Don’t miss the Late-Night Jam at nearby Chelsea’s Corner Cafe & Bar on both Friday and Saturday nights.

The festival venue, the 1905 Basin Park Hotel, sits in the heart of Eureka Springs, surrounded by dining and shopping options, all within easy walking distance. Better yet, downtown Eureka Springs is less than a half hour’s drive from your Beaver Lake accommodations at Sugar Ridge Resort.

Spend the day enjoying the festival and exploring Eureka Springs, then it’s a quick and scenic drive back to your Beaver Lake cabin or suite. A grand adventure!

2024 Ozark Mountain Music Festival Lineup

OzMoMu 2024 concert poster

Ozark Mountain Music Festival 2024 runs from Thursday, January 18th, to Sunday, January 21st, 2024

The festival is held at the Basin Park Hotel, located at 12 Spring Street, in downtown Eureka Springs, AR 72632.

This year’s festival lineup boasts:

  • Pixie and the Partygrass Boys
  • Pert Near Sandstone
  • Kyle Tuttle (Artist At Large)
  • Handmade Moments
  • Stillhouse Junkies
  • 3 Penny Acre
  • Chucky Waggs & The Company of Raggs
  • Reverend Hylton
  • John Depew
  • Goldpine
  • March To August
  • … and many more TBA!

Visit the festival website for more information and to purchase tickets. You can also view the festival’s Facebook event page.

Don’t Miss Original Ozark Folk Festival 2023

Original Ozark Folk Festival 2023

Original Ozark Folk Festival 2023, America’s longest continuously running folk festival, is just weeks away! The 76th annual return is set to occur November 9th through the 11th, 2023 in Eureka Springs City Auditorium.

Original Ozark Folk Festival 2023 celebrates the American Songwriter with 2 days of live music from rising stars of the folk world. This year’s lineup includes John Fullbright, Matt the Electrician, and Trout Fishing in America. There will also be a special performance by the Kelly Willis, Brennon Leigh and Melissa Carper super trio! All appearing at The Aud in downtown Eureka Springs.

The festival also includes the annual Barefoot Ball at Eureka Springs’ Basin Park Hotel. This year’s lineup for the Ball includes opening act The Nightimers (Shilah Molina and Doc Hopper), followed by Jumpsuit Jamey & the Can’t Wait To Play Boys.

Attendees on Friday and Saturday will also want to check out The Ozark Folk Faire in the Auditorium Basement, 11am to 4pm, Friday and Saturday. This is an annual arts and crafts show featuring wonderful handcrafted goods and live folk music. This year’s Folk Faire promises a variety of free performances by the Korey McKelvy Duo, Opal Agafia and DeAnna Smith, Trout Fishing in America, and many others.

The festival’s main aim is keeping the traditional folk music and traditions of the Ozarks alive. and many performers come to the festival with homemade instruments. In fact, many attend the festival hoping to buy genuine, Ozark instruments.

Best of all, Sugar Ridge Resort is less than a half hour’s drive from all the Folk Festival fun in downtown Eureka Springs!

Original Ozark Folk Festival 2023

banjo player at Original Ozark Folk Festival 2023

This year’s festival is scheduled for November 9th through the 11th, at the Eureka Springs City Auditorium. Nearby Basin Spring Park will be a site of free concerts and jam sessions throughout the weekend.

Thursday, November 9
6:30pm to 7:30pm – Hedgehoppers
8pm to 11pm – Barefoot Ball at the City Auditorium. NightTimers, featuring Shila Molina and Doc Hopper, and Jumpsuit Jamey and the Can’t Wait to Play Boys

Friday, November 10
11am to 4pm –  Ozark Folk Fair. The Kory McKelvey Duo, Opal Agafia and DeAnna Smith, and Mountain Alice & Dylan Hawf
7pm to 8:30pm – Trout Fishing in America and Matt the Electrician

Saturday, November 11
11am to 4pm – Ozark Folk Fair. Jesse Dean, Still on the Hill, Trout Fishing in America, and the Luthier Bayard Blain Trio.
7pm-9:15pm – John Fullbright and The Melissa Carper, Brennen Leigh, Kelly Willis Trio

So go ahead. Spend the day in Eureka Springs enjoying folk music, crafts, and other Ozark Mountain traditions, then it’s just a quick, scenic drive back to your Beaver Lake cabin or lake view suite at Sugar Ridge Resort. Perfect!

Visit the Ozark Folk Festival’s Facebook page for more information.

Take In the Arkansas Fall Foliage at Beaver Lake

Arkansas Fall Foliage at Beaver Lake
The view from Sugar Ridge Resort

Spring has sprung, summer has come and gone. Now it’s time for fall – and what a glorious fall it will be! This year’s autumn colors are going to be especially vibrant and Beaver Lake is the perfect Arkansas fall foliage destination!

It’s always beautiful at Beaver Lake but it’s also true that some seasons are more striking than others. While it’s hard to beat the greening in spring and sunny summer, autumn’s colors have it, hands down.

Here in Northern Arkansas, notable color change begins working its way down the mountains in late September or early October. Peak color typically appears late October. That means now is the perfect time start planning your Arkansas fall foliage getaway at Sugar Ridge Resort!

Our location, perched high above Beaver Lake, means non-stop leaf-peeping, with 180 degree views of the Ozarks and Beaver Lake. Plus we’re surrounded by endless opportunities for scenic drives, hikes, and other fall activities.

Arkansas Fall Foliage Drives

One of the easiest and most pleasant ways to take in as much Arkansas fall foliage as possible is with a relaxing, scenic drive.  The winding mountain roads of the Ozarks are always entrancing but, come fall, they verge on the fantastic. Head out and take in all those amazing fall colors, stopping whenever you like to really take in all that majestic beauty.

Autumn road trip possibilities in and around Eureka Springs are nearly endless. Many of the area’s scenic byways are absolutely stunning in fall. We suggest checking out the drive between highways 23 and 16 and highways 7 and 62, for starters.

Ozark National Forest in autumn
Ozark National Forest

Another good option is Scenic 7 Byway, one of the area’s – and the country’s – most popular fall drives. The 290 mile route, located in Ozark National Forest, just south of Eureka Springs, offers varied geography and scenic views.

Pig Trail Scenic Byway is also particularly brilliant in both spring and fall. Pig Trail is a 19 mile long tunnel of foliage that crosses the Mulberry River and the 165-mile Ozark Highlands Trail.

Pea Ridge National Military Park is another fine, fall destination. Visit the park and drive the self-guided tour to experience both the historic battlefield and the area’s amazing fall foliage.

Fall Foliage Hikes and Biking Trails

Scenic drives are great but there may be no better way to enjoy the Arkansas fall foliage than to simply get out in it. Luckily, both Beaver Lake and Eureka Springs are loaded with excellent hiking and mountain biking opportunities.

Whitaker Point, aka Hawksbill Crag, is considered the most romantic spot in the Arkansas. Come autumn, it’s also an incredible vantage point for viewing an absolute sea of fall colors. The moderately challenging, 2.7-mile round-trip hike on Whitaker Point Trail takes around 2 hours but pays off in fantastic, panoramic views.

Dogwood Canyon Nature Park is another worthy fall foliage destination. The park offers 10,000 acres hiking, biking, fishing, and exceptional views of the Ozark Mountains.

Hawksbill Crag in Autumn
Whitaker Point, aka Hawksbill Crag

Nearby Hobbs State Park is Arkansas largest state park with over 12,000 acres of dense Ozarks forest, Beaver Lake shoreline, bike trails, and walking paths. Be sure to check out the Visitor Center and Van Winkle Hollow, too.

Eureka Springs’ Lake Leatherwood City Park is another fun leaf-peeping destination. The popular park has picnic spots and lovely paths and trails for hiking and biking.

And More …

We’ve only touched on a few of the fall drives and hikes near our Beaver Lake AR cabins and suites. We didn’t even mention all the nearby shopping, dining and museums.

Nor did we talk about all the fun, fall season festivals. Things like the Bikes Blues and BBQ Weekend, Eureka Springs Oktoberfest, Corvette Weekend, War Eagle Craft Fair, the Original Ozark Folk Festival, and did I mention Halloween?

Is it any wonder that Eureka Springs is one of the best fall foliage getaways in the country. Come share it with us, on Beaver Lake, at Sugar Ridge Resort.

Attend Hillberry Music Festival 2023!

Hillberry Music Festival audience members

Hillberry Music Festival 2023 is just weeks away. The popular, multi-day festival features over 30 groups playing Americana, Bluegrass, and Funk on two stages for five nights. October 4th through the 8th, 2023.

If you like good music, good food,  and a good time, you’ll love the Ozarks, you’ll love Hillberry Music Festival. The event, which sprang to life spontaneously in 2015, celebrates the arrival of the harvest moon. Thus it’s less well known full name: Hillberry the Harvest Moon Festival.

The festival seems to get a little bigger each year and is considered one of the Midwest’s top Bluegrass Festivals. The event draws thousands of people each year and who can blame them? More than 30 bands for 5 nights plus food, drink, craft vendors, workshops, and more.

The event takes place on The Farm, a 160-acre campground and events center north of Eureka Springs. The location is a stunning camping area featuring 360-degree panoramic views of the Ozarks. Mark Twain National Forest, Table Rock Lake, the White River, and Beaver Lake are all nearby.

In fact, The Farm is less than a 15 minute scenic drive from Sugar Ridge Resort.

While many who attend the festival simply camp on site, others prefer to retire to a separate location. Somewhere like the Beaver Lake cabins and suites at Sugar Ridge Resort!

Spend as much time as you like soaking up the fun of the festival, then return to the peace and quiet of your accommodations on Beaver Lake. Perfect!

2023 Hillberry Music Festival Lineup

This year’s Harvest Moon Festival runs from October 4th through October 8th, 2023. The Farm is located at 1 Blue Heron Lane in Eureka Springs, AR

Hillberry Music Festival 2023

Wednesday, October 4 –
5:40pm – 7:10pm: Front Porch (Shrine Stage)
7:55pm – 9:25pm: Eureka Strings (Shrine Stage)
10:10pm – 11:40pm: Friends of the Phamily (Shrine Stage)

Thursday, October 5 –
11:30am – 12:30pm: Danny Spain Gang (Shrine Stage)
1pm – 2pm: Magnolia Brown (Shrine Stage)
2:30pm – 3:30pm: Red Oak Ruse (Shrine Stage)
3:40pm – 5pm: Country Jesus (Main Stage)
5:40pm – 7:10pm: Rumpke Mountain Boys (Main Stage)
7:55pm – 9:25pm: Kellergrass with the Hillbenders (Main Stage)
10:10pm – 11:40pm: Kitchen Dwellers (Main Stage)
12:55am – 1:55am: Arkansauce (Main Stage)

Friday, October 6 –
1pm – 2:30pm: Skye Pollard & Fanmily Holler (Shrine Stage)
3pm – 4:30pm: Chucky Waggs & the Company of Raggs (Main Stage)
5:10pm – 6:40pm: Sierra Hull (Main Stage)
7:20pm – 8:50pm: The Wood Brothers (Main Stage)
9:30pm – 11pm: Leftover Salmon (Main Stage)
11:40pm – 1:10am: moe. (Main Stage)
1:30am – 3am: Fireside Collective (Shrine Stage)

Hillberry Music Festival Performer

Saturday, October 7 –
9am – 10:30am: Hillberry All-Stars / Chompdown! (Activities Tent)
12:45pm – 2:15pm: The Vine Brothers (Shrine Stage)
2:30pm – 4pm: Catfish Seminar (Main Stage)
4:30pm – 6pm: Opal Agafia (Main Stage)
6:45pm – 8:15pm: Neal Francis (Main Stage)
9pm – 12am: Railroad Earth (Main Stage)
12:40am – 2:10am: Here Come the Mummies (Main Stage)
2:10am – 3:40am: Sicard Hollow (Shrine Stage)

Sunday, October 8 –
10:15am – 12:30pm: John Henry Band Competition
12:30pm – 2pm: The Gary Lawrence Show (Shrine Stage)
2:30pm – 4pm: Rochelle Bradshaw (Main Stage)
4:40pm – 6:10pm: Sad Daddy (Main Stage)
6:50pm – 8:20pm: Elephant Revival (Main Stage)
9pm – 12am: Railroad Earth (Main Stage)
12:40am – 2:10am: The Sensational Barnes Brothers (Main Stage)
2:15am – 3:30am: Blurrred Name (Shrine Stage)

Festival tickets are limited and sell out every year. Get yours while you still can on the Hillberry Music Festival website. You can also find this event on Facebook

Eureka Springs Corvette Weekend 2023

Eureka Springs Corvette Weekend 2023

Corvette fans and classic car enthusiasts will want to mark their calendars for the 32nd annual Eureka Springs Corvette Weekend! This popular event sees four glorious days of Corvette shows, parades, drives, and more. October 5th through the 8th, 2023 in Eureka Springs, AR.

Early fall is a lovely time of year, here on Beaver Lake. The sun is still out and the leaves are still green but the temps are cooler, the crowds lesser, and there’s still plenty to do and see.

Nearby Eureka Springs always has something up its sleeve to entertain and, in early fall, that’s the annual Corvette Weekend.

The event began quietly in 1991, with just 33 Corvettes and a picnic. It has since grown to include nearly 1,000 Corvettes and a whole host of events.

In fact, Eureka Springs Corvette Weekend is now one of the three largest, non-commercial, annual Corvette events in the country! Enthusiasts come from all over to show off their own Corvettes, meet fellow fans, and ogle all the gorgeous cars.

Eureka Springs Corvette Weekend 2023

Corvette Weekend almost always occurs the first weekend of every October and 2023 is no exception. This year’s event is scheduled for October 5-8, 2023.

You don’t have to own a Corvette to attend but, if you do, you should consider bringing it along and entering it in the show! All vintages of original, modified, restored, or even daily driver Corvettes are eligible.

The event is decidedly friendly. There is no real competition to engage in, no stressful prep or points to win or lose. Just a fun 4 days of driving and admiring Corvettes with fellow fans.

Events take place at various locations in and around Eureka Springs, AR. Past year’s highlights include an Owner’s Choice Car Show, a Poker Run, and a Fuel Economy Run. This latter is very popular, attracting a hundred or more Corvettes for a drive on some of the area’s most scenic roads.

Corvette Weekend 2023 in Eureka Springs

There are also a variety of fun challenges to compete in. A Fan Belt Toss, a Bull’s-Eye Rod & Piston Throw, and everyone’s favorite, the Blind Man’s Short Course Autocross. This latter event teams blindfolded golf car drivers with sighted co-pilots for a run through a short course of safety cones. Always a lot of fun.

Wishing you had a Corvette of your own to show off? Hit the event’s For Sale Corral and, who knows? Maybe you’ll find one to buy!

Corvette Weekend also includes an Awards Ceremony and The Parade of Champions through downtown Eureka Springs.

Best of all, it’s all happening less than a half hour’s drive from Sugar Ridge Resort. Spend the day attending events and admiring the wide variety of Corvettes, then it’s an easy and scenic drive back to your cabin or suite on Beaver Lake. The makings of a perfect weekend!

Visit to register and for more information. You can also find this event on Facebook.

Visit Pea Ridge National Military Park

Pea Ridge National Military Park

The Civil War Battle of Pea Ridge took place in early March of 1862 and involved nearly 26,000 Union, Confederate, and even Cherokee soldiers. Pea Ridge National Military Park preserves this important Civil War battlefield, located just 20 minutes west of our Beaver Lake cabins and suites.

Civil War history buffs will find a lot to explore in Arkansas.  There’s the Lakeport Plantation in Lake Village, Chidester’s Poison Springs Battleground, Headquarters House in Fayetteville, and many others. Of all the major Civil War sites in the state, Pea Ridge is the closest to Beaver Lake, and notable as one of the most intact Civil War battlefields around.

The Battle of Pea Ridge saw the two armies wrestling for control of Missouri, a crucial border state. The Confederates, led by Major General Earl Van Dorn, brought 16,000 soldiers to the fight, including almost 800 Cherokee. They faced off against 10,250 Union soldiers, led by Brigadier General Samuel R. Curtis , who were in control of the state at the time.

The conflict, a bloody battle by all accounts, took place over two days and on two separate battlefields. Though they were outnumbered, the Union was victorious, holding their position and driving the Confederates from the battlefield.

Pea Ridge National Military Park

scenic overlook

Pea Ridge Military Park is located at 15930 East, US-62, in Garfield, AR, just north of Rogers. The park preserves the battlefield in honor of the nearly 3,500 soldiers who died here on March 7th and 8th, 1862.

Visitors to the park will find 4,300-acres to explore and several ways to enjoy them. Highlights include two Civil War battlefields, historic Elkhorn Tavern, a visitor’s center, hiking trails, and more.

Be sure to stop by the Pea Ridge Visitor Center and Museum to take in the interactive exhibits. Then you’ll want to embark on the 7-mile, self-guided road tour with 28 points of interest. You can also explore the park with a Guided Cell Phone Tour. 7 miles of hiking and biking trails leading to various points of interest.

A 2.5 mile section of The Trail Of Tears also runs through the park. For those unaware, the Trail of Tears is the path thousands of Native Americans walked and died along during a forced relocation in the 1820s.

Pea Ridge Military Park is open 365 days a year, 6am to dusk. Learn more at the park website.

Spend a few hours at the park learning about our great nation’s storied heritage, then it’s an easy and scenic drive back to the comfort of your Sugar Ridge Resort suite or cabin on Beaver Lake. The perfect day!