Feet near inland seashore.While sitting on your porch swing at a Sugar Ridge Resort Cabin, the views of Beaver Lake and the White River Valley stretch out for miles before you. To the south, you can see the northern edge of the Boston Mountains. To the north, the Ozark Highlands of Missouri. You might ask yourself, “How is this place as it is, perched above the soaring birds?”

Views of Beaver Lake and the White River Valley from your Time Travelling Porch Swing


Imagine travelling, from the comfort of your porch swing, through 1000 chapters of Earth’s history. Each chapter represents 1000 equal lengths of time. Long story shorter, skip the first 999 chapters-it is now 500 million years ago, and you can dip your toes in the shallow sea beneath your swing. Below the sea’s surface, there is an explosion of new life forms. The submerged rock is being covered by the countless generations of sea creatures, underwater plants, and sediments deposited by the alternately rising and receding water.

As you swing through the ages, great land masses collide in the distance and gently raise a plateau beneath you, while also more dramatically raising mountains beyond. As a result, water begins to drain away, exposing layers of rock. Recognizable land plants “soon” appear, and land animals follow. Over the next 300 million years, wind and rain begin to carve dramatic grooves in the land. Hence, the plot of this chapter dawns on you; your enchantingly scenic spot is not being pushed higher, your views of the Ozarks are being created as a result of the valleys around you becoming deeper!

You now know the tale of your views of Beaver Lake and the White River Valley. Stories about the lake and river, are following. Kick back and dream of time passed. And your future? How sweet it is!