Charcoal Grilled Pzza

Guests at Sugar Ridge Resort ask,”Is there pizza delivery to Beaver Lake or my cabin?” Officially, no pizza deliveries to Sugar Ridge are available. There are good pizzas in town, but a 20-minute drive to your cabin follows the meal. Have it all-your pizza hot off the fire, while you take in the phenomenal views atop Sugar Ridge! For all non-baking, no-hassle having, no-fuss seeking, food lovers that do not call themselves foodies; here is a tasty solution for pizza delivery to Beaver Lake. Maximized for your stay at Sugar Ridge-Breezy Charcoal-Grilled Pizza Pies!

Preparation: Timing Is Most Important

• Purchase FRESH DOUGH [6 oz. per serving] from your supermarket or grab a FROZEN DOUGH at Eureka Market.
• Bring covered dough up to room temperature [30 minutes-Fresh dough & 1-2 hours-Frozen].

• Prepare toppings before you light the grill. No one should tell you what toppings to use-You are your own pizza adviser! Go light on the wet ingredients, like SAUCE or OIL, to prevent a soggy pie.
• Pre-cook MEAT and VEGETABLES, as the grill heat radiates from below, not roasting the toppings on top. Cook VEGETABLES you prefer soft or roasted. This could be done before you leave home for your getaway.

• Portion dough into pie sizes. Each pie should fit on grill with 1 inch of space around it.
• Pinch, stretch, and press dough into pie shapes. There is no correct shape. Lightly OIL a dinner plate or sheet tray, and your hands, and gently work to approximately 1/3 inch thickness. For best results, no raised edge necessary.

• Light charcoal briquettes and bring to high heat [about 15+ minutes]. Spread briquettes.
• Brush grill grate with OIL.

I love it when a plan comes together.

• Slide pies, from plates or sheet tray, onto grill and close lid [2 minutes].
• Check bottom of pie for browning. If toasting is uneven, rotate pie and grill [1 minute].
• Remove pie, flip, and brush with OIL. Add SAUCE sparingly, along with other TOPPINGS.
• Brush grate with OIL. Return pie to grill.
• Close vents and grill [2-3 minutes]-until bottom is toasted brown and CHEESE bubbles.
• Eat, drink, and be merry!